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Aerial Data Acquisition Services Using Unmanned Aerial Systems

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Vertical Sciences Aerial Data Acquisition.

Multi-disciplinary data acquisition consultancy


    We provide dramatic high resolution, georectified orthomosaic imagery for engineering, environmental, geological, agricultural, legal, marketing, and many other uses.


    Vertical Sciences utilizes UAS to provide geo-referenced point clouds and/or topographic information of a site with survey level accuracy, allowing quick and accurate creation of digital elevation models and estimates of material and/or grading quantities.


    We utilize a variety of sensors to obtain reflectance data used to evaluate the health of crops, drainage, frost susceptibility, and to assist in harvest planning. Custom agricultural indices can be created with these data.


    Our UAS can gather oblique and vertical data with resolutions previously not obtainable, for use in evaluating rock slope stability and rockfall potential, and for mapping of lithology, geomorphology, and geologic hazards.

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  • Vertical Sciences, Inc.

    Vertical Sciences, Inc., provides aerial data acquisition services using unmanned aerial systems (UAS or drones).  We service the following markets: Civil engineering Geotechnical Environmental Cultural Agricultural Geological Mining Construction fields We are professional engineers, licensed geologists, and farmers, and understand your project needs.  Our principals have over 60 years of practical real-world experience to apply […]

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