Engineering /Survey Market

Bihlman Composite-600Vertical Sciences, Inc., has a strong background in civil engineering, from several perspectives, including data acquisition, data reduction, and final design.  Having decades of experience in the civil engineering fields, we understand your project needs and can work with you to acquire and process the information that you need.  Our experience allows us to understand how you will use the data we collect, so we can deliver a product that is most efficiently utilized in your work flow process.  If you are a surveyor, we are a tool you can use to gather large volumes of data quickly, precisely, and at a cost lower than using traditional methods.  Here are a few descriptions of the services we provide:

  • Centimeter-grade resolution for DEMs, DSMs, DTMs, and topographic maps.  Those high-quality models and maps are used for engineering design, geological and geotechnical site characterizations, wetlands delineations, cultural resource (historical and archeological) evaluations, wildlife habitat evaluations, GIS modeling, and hazards evaluations, to name but a few specific applications.


  • Construction support to help evaluate earthwork quantities, payment factors, final grades for as-built plans, documentation of construction progress, pre- and post-construction topography and conditions, leak detection (visual and thermal), rapid deployment assessment, and remedial design for road failures, landslides, flooding, earthquakes, etc.


  • High resolution photogrammetry to provide individual digital and hard-copy stereo pairs, as mosaics, or as draped mosaics on DEMs that can be used for engineering, geologic, geotechnical, environmental and expert witness purposes. Those uses include evaluation of rock fall hazards, rock slope scaling effectiveness, post storm evaluations of slopes, prior geoenvironmental (hazardous materials) land uses; current geoenvironmental liabilities, such as chemical releases at facilities and grow sites; wildlife habitat mapping, etc.

Mammoth Topo10'-450

  • Documentation of hard rock and gravel quarry quantities and stockpile volumes, and extraction progress.  Those applications can be used to substantiate extracted volumes for regulatory compliance, shareholders’ reports, and future work sequence planning.